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File Saver - Recover Deleted Files Now!

File Saver - Need to urgently recover those deleted files? Want to permanently delete that private data? Instantly restore hundreds of files that have been deleted from your computer - no matter whether they were deleted by another program, or emptied from the Recycle Bin. If it's been deleted, you can undelete it. . More Info

2-Inspire.com is here to make things that little easier for you to understand in using computers and the internet. We are an independent site giving you genuine, up to date information, for business and home users. We also build, upgrade and repair computer problems in the Salisbury to Devizes and surrounding areas.
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Computer builds, upgrades and repairs

Whether your looking for a new complete computer system, a new base unit, computer upgrades, repairs and health checks we can help if you live in any of these areas: Salisbury, Amesbury, Durrington, Larkhill, Bulford, Upavon, Devizes and surrounding areas.
  • Software and hardware installation & removal
  • Virus, spyware & ad-aware removal
  • Computer hardware upgrades
  • Home & small business internet and network setup
  • and much more...

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Is Your Antivirus Up To Date?

Many people are still not checking to see if their antivirus software is up to date. Remember that in most cases antivirus software has a subscription service for 12 months, after that you have to renew the subscription or purchase a new antivirus package.

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Your Security..
Who's watching you?

You would be surprised in the amount of people that use their computers and the internet without a second thought about checking on their security. The site below gives you everything you need to know about online security.


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Safe Surfing For your Children
Parents have a dilema when it comes to their children using the internet. Some parents do not know enough to help them make a desicion but help is now at hand to guide you...

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